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How to Stream MovieBox to Chromecast Explained in a Few Simple Steps

By amit / January 10, 2018

Anyone who uses the MovieBox knows that while it is used rather easily on a device with a smaller screen, using it on a bigger screen, like an LED TV, takes some practice. The latest MovieBox Apk misses out on a rather important feature and that is direct streaming to Chromecast, which is why we decided to lay bare to you the techniques that you need to know on how to stream MovieBox to Chromecast in a few simple steps.

Before we had all these marvelous apps, the presence of the HDMI port changed the way we looked at the streaming of content to a big-screen device from a smaller one. Allowing the Chromecast dongle to connect to any other device via the HDMI port enables you to have the greatest entertainment experience.


Moviebox to Chromecast

How to Stream MovieBox to Chromecast: Explained

The method is quite simple really and is applicable for usage on all the devices. So, you can now use it on the Windows platform and the original platform it is meant for, which is the Android platform, for which it is actually meant for usage. So, in this context, we explain how to use the MovieBox app to stream to Chromecast.

  • First and foremost, you will need to download the latest MovieBox Apk file right from this page so as to be sure on that front.
  • In order to be able to use it on a TV set enabled with Chromecast, you must download and install the AllCast app. This will act as a conduit between the TV set and the app.
  • In order to download the AllCast app, you can use this link to download and install it. Note that in case you wish for an alternative here too, you might want to use the LocalCast app which has the same functionalities. Download this app here.
  • Once any of these apps have been installed, access the MovieBox app and then begin streaming.
  • Once streaming begins, follow the rules that are mentioned in the AllCast app to hook up the device to the Chromecast device. This will allow MovieBox to stream to Chromecast.
  • Lastly, you can now connect any movie that you are streaming into the Chromecast-enabled TV. You are set to go.

Wrap up

Finally, we come to the end of this brief tutorial. Remember to ensure that when streaming MovieBox to Chromecast, the data connection is turned on. Otherwise, the connection will be lost.

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