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Is Using MovieBox Legal? Everything You Need to Know

By amit / December 20, 2017

In this golden age of Internet piracy, the MovieBox app acts as a beacon of hope. This free streaming app has many great features. However, one question that is asked by many users is a simple one: is the MovieBox app legal to use? In a word, the service is technically not illegal to use. But then, the law is technical. The legality of using the MovieBox app, one that can also be used on a Windows PC, Since it can also be installed on the iOS platform, many people have asked us of the legality of the operation.

There is a lot of similarities, as far as the legal issues are concerned, between the P2P services that we commonly call Torrent services, and this app. Remember that MovieBox can also download content besides being able to stream it. This case is also similar to that of the Popcorn Times app which is actually a P2P service.

Is Moviebox Legal to Use?

Is Using MovieBox Legal? Every Important Information

Whenever you download anything using the MovieBox app, be careful that you are not downloading anything copyrighted. This can get you in legal trouble. Because you are technically not paying anything for the copyrighted content. Moreover, according to the courts in various countries, the streaming and the distribution of paid content is a punishable offense.

Then again, how many people have been charged with downloading pirated material illegally? Some Torrent sites have been shut down, for sure, but no users have been jailed. So, this is definitely a grey area.

So, here is the best piece of advice. Whenever you stream/download anything from the MovieBox app, use a VPN service. This will mask all of your activities and you will be safe from prying eyes. This list of the best VPN services will help you decide which one is the best one for you. Hence, from now on, you will not have to worry about the legality of the MovieBox app.

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